Let's Lift Limerick

My name is Fionán Coughlan and on Friday the 26th of March I will be launching my run for Limerick’s Directly Elected Mayor as an Independent Candidate.

I am a business owner in Limerick’s Milk Market and hold a degree in International Business from University of Limerick. Prior to setting up my own business, Re:Story, in December 2020, I worked in my family business The Edge Clothing

I am likely to be one of the youngest mayoral candidates at 25 years of age. I hope to demonstrate to the public that electing a younger Mayor can be an advantage when trying to forge new opportunity from the challenging uncertainties we are facing at present. As a business owner and someone involved in local voluntary and community-based groups, one of my core objectives will be to create a thriving local economy where the graduates from our third level institutions can live and work. 

I am running for Mayor as I am deeply concerned with the current state of Local Government in Ireland, and believe that our representative party system needs to be reformed. Some of my ideas and policy proposals are available on my website

In essence, the DEM offers an innovative platform to promote sustainable regional development in Limerick and the mid-west. Economic success has to be complemented by a high standard of living for all people in Limerick. The connectivity between those in the county and the city needs to be high on the agenda and there is a real opportunity to learn from successful social entrepreneurship which has been so successful in shaping and developing the economy of the county. Overall, the role of DEM has to unite the people of Limerick in social, economic and cultural spheres. 

Let’s Lift Limerick !