Let's Lift Limerick

One-off Housing in Limerick’s Development Plan 2022-2028

Pictured above are two houses recently restored by Limerick Council, an excellent example of how we can bring our massive stock of vacant and derelict houses across the County back into use. 1960s Ireland presented very few options to own your own home: by inheritance; a public housing list or building one.  Houses during this period…
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Thomond Gate Nature Park

On Saturday the 20th of March, the residents of Thomond Gate launched their campaign seeking to develop a nature park in their community. The launch took place at The Milk Market and residents unveiled a large poster with a visual mock up of what their Nature Park might look like. As chance would have it,…
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Leamy House Storyboard

Street Animations documenting the amazing stories behind Limerick’s Built Heritage. Researched by Dr. Paul O’Brien, created by Julie Long and designed by Fionán Coughlan. If you enjoyed reading the Leamy House Storyboard and would like to see more of these kinds of animations in Limerick, please share this webpage or a photo of the storyboard…
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Trackless Trams for Limerick

Working with the people of Limerick to develop a Transport system that supports our aspirations for how the city should look, feel and function. Let’s support Limerick’s growth while making it safer and easier to get around.  If you are interested in reading more about my Trackless Tram Proposal please click the link to download…
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Limerick Edge Embrace Brand: Design Analysis

In late August 2018, an article in the Irish Times announced Limerick Council had signed a deal with London based Marketing Agency M&C Saatchi to create a Place Brand for Limerick. As someone who had studied Place Branding in UL and had experienced the benefits of successful Place Branding in Melbourne, I decided to take…
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